a meta research unit

"(almost) Nothing in evolution makes sense except in the light of admixture"

We are a group of Italian researchers who share a passion for Molecular Anthropology and Population Genetics. 

Through the years we developed several collaboration projects which ultimately made us realize that the collaboration bonds we created go beyond our academic affiliations. 

For this reason we decided to create a research unit that spans multiple Italian universities and research centers, where we share skills, expertise and mentoring efforts.

The main research interests of the group include:


For info and inquiries get in touch at:

Genomic of Substance Use disorder related Traits under the lens of Evolutionary medicine : How adaptation inference can help to understand complex traits?

How genetic variation shapes the complex trait landscape within and across human populations, for example the ancestral contributions to present day phenotypes in Europe

Develope approaches to overcome the inherent population dependency of complex trait predictive methods. See for example our ancestry-specific partial polygenic scores.

Characterize and model present-day genetic and cultural diversity across Eurasian populations. See for example Impact of cultural and genetic structure on food choices along the Silk Road


The genetic structure of genomic Variation in the African continent.  See for example : Complex Ancient Genetic Structure and Cultural Transitions in Southern African Populations